nom de plume for toronto based freelance photographer and award winning visual artist dana richardson…t
his site is the primary showcase for his ever bold and often raw photographic creations… aka the dnurv brand..

dana started shooting nudes in the summer of 1998 as a way to provide original source material for his aerosol paintings… but cutting templates, then using stencils, spray bombs and rags soaked with acetone remained his principle artistic preoccupation until 2006 when at the request of a friend he joined the on-line photosharing site flickr…

“i’m reluctant to admit it…but flickr has had a lot to do with how i spend my creative time these days…once i started posting to the site… i realized instantly that i had an avid audience for the nude images i had created over the years…that and the digital era completely revitalized my interest in photography as a way to express myself in creative terms.”

several digital cameras and over 50 million web hits later… dnurv has become a widely known web presence whose images are faved, blogged and reblogged daily throughout the web…he has travelled as far as the algarve, Portugal, the Big Island of Hawaii, thailand, the czech republic, alberta CA, monteal QC and miami, south beach for shoots involving some of the most down to earth and open free spirits in the universe…his popularity has surged from among the next wave of exciting new erotic photographers to emerge from the far reaches of cyberspace…his work has been featured on the web versions of Juxtapoz, Fleshbot and Amy and Pink among others… in the process he has become an outspoken advocate for anti censorship and privacy issues as they apply to the internet…

“i’ve dabbled at a variety of different photo genres over the years… yacht photography, party pics, event and street photography, as well as shooting stills for film productions, but it wasn’t until my first studio nude shoot that i really got revved up by the possibilities of creating something uniquely my own with a camera… presenting attractive body-positive men and women is now my predominant artistic practice…one that in many respects is just in its teething stages…. the best is yet to come… so stay tuned… and if you a model in or near toronto and feelin’ frisky… give me a buzz… maybe we can cook up something special in the way of great images”

thanks for the visit and stop by again soon…

dana richardson

toronto CA

edited may ‘2

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